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This amazing blend is often referred to as The Magic Cream, Magic drops or Magic mist…..............

It was first blended near the beginning of the Limelight Essence journey in 1997… The idea arrived whilst driving on the Motorway when our attention was drawn to the little bright orange telephone boxes labelled SOS….............

The 7 essences in it attune to balance the 7 major chakras. Each of the chakras are connected to an endocrine gland which in turn are affected by emotion.

In addition to this the essence of Bulrush removes shocking vibrations and retunes them to calm once more . Bulrush, one of the seven essences, also mends tears in the subtle body energy fields that are a direct result of a shock or severe stress.

Below are just a few of the situations helped by SOS the magic blend.

“My son whilst cutting the hedges in our backyard got either ant bit or Poison Oak. He came into the kitchen and both his arms were swelling and inflamed. We thought it might be straight to the ER for him. I suggested he tried the SOS cream as I had got such benefit from it. 5 minutes later his arms had returned to normal!”
A very grateful Mom from Texas.

” A colleague was bitten by one of the children on the cheek. She asked me if I had got anything that would help. at the time I only had the SOS drops with me and I put some on . She came back to me 10 minutes later and there was no pain and all sign of the teeth marks had gone!”
Teaching Assistant at Special needs school

A small Farabella ( miniature Horse) had suffered severe neglect and the Vet did not think he would survive. SOS was dropped into is water and on to the end of his nose. Along with the loving care and some infrared light and careful feeding he has made a full recovery.
Horse lover.

First on the scene at a motorbike accident the SOS misted into the atmosphere made a very frightening experience seem almost matter of fact…...

My partners funeral was so much more bearable by SOS. Every time I felt overwhelmed I took some more of the drops and I felt better instantly.
I will be a fan of SOS for life…......

As far as we at the Limelight Essences are concerned no car, home, office, handbag or briefcase should be without SOS.
So order yours today!

Rosemary Hanson.
Rosemary is a Reflexologist; Massage Therapist; Reiki Master/teacher; Flower Essence Producer, Consultant and Practitioner; and an esoteric healer. She is also a teacher and runs courses on her flower essences, Indian Head massage, Hopi ear candles and spiritual development.