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Available in both Mists and Drops

This flower essence is for the victim pattern that we all fall into from time to time. "Why does it always happen to me". It removes this and like scenarios, and enables us to let go and move into a more creative frame of mind.

When we are on the defensive our 'aggression' may often cause us to 'attack' before we are 'attacked'. Bluebell gives us the ability to be on more even ground and let go of these feelings. Putting us in charge of our own situation and to create our own future.

Rosemary Hanson.
Rosemary is a Reflexologist; Massage Therapist; Reiki Master/teacher; Flower Essence Producer, Consultant and Practitioner; and an esoteric healer. She is also a teacher and runs courses on her flower essences, Indian Head massage, Hopi ear candles and spiritual development.