Available in both Mists and Drops

To see another's view point and to learn new ways to do things. Opens us up to see a greater picture and not have blinkered vision. On a physical level it is good for problems with the neck, loosens stiff neck muscles.

Removes stubborn resistance to change. The orange and yellow of the flowers lends the strength of the Solar Plexus Chakra energy. This, together with the green stems and leaves, brings the healing energy of the Heart Chakra energy, thus creating a more loving approach to a problem.

Rosemary Hanson.
Rosemary is a Reflexologist; Massage Therapist; Reiki Master/teacher; Flower Essence Producer, Consultant and Practitioner; and an esoteric healer. She is also a teacher and runs courses on her flower essences, Indian Head massage, Hopi ear candles and spiritual development.